Happy Thanksgiving from An-shu Stephen & Rumiko Hayes


Today’s Deals:

  • Chi No Maki

    Chi No Maki 4-Disc Set

    An-shu Stephen K. Hayes brings to life these historical techniques, tactics, and strategies from Shinden Fudo Ryu Taijutsu Chi no Maki unarmed defense from the ground against a grab, punch, or blade attack. Save 50%!

    Just $49.97 →

  • Kunoichi / Dragon Escapes

    Kunoichi + Dragon Escapes Set

    Don’t miss this opportunity to save over 70%!

    Just $15.97 →

  • Kuji Box Set

    Kuji Kiri & Kuji In Box Set

    Don’t miss this opportunity to save over 70%!

    Just $15.97 →


  • Hanbo & Baton Variations

    Hanbo & Baton Variations

    Explore some of the basics and application of Japanese classical Hanbo cane fighting techniques and modern adaptations with a metal flashlight. Save over 65%!

    Just $9.97 →

  • Meditation for Martial Artists

    Hanbo & Baton Variations

    Introduces you to fundamental directed concentration to counter an adversary’s attempt to use distraction, diversion, delusion, doubt, and denial to diminish your fighting focus and will to win.

    Just $9.97 →

  • How to Own the World

    How to Own the World

    An-shu Stephen K. Hayes draws upon experiences with key teachers from his life-long quest for insights in order to compile this clear and direct statement of the ideal of the spiritual explorer. Save over 30%!

    Just $10.46 →

  • Ninja Volumes 1-5

    Ninja Volumes 1-5

    An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes' legendary Ninja Volume books are out of print. This is the last chance that you will have to get them. Very limited quantities available. Don't miss out! Save over 30%.

    Just $13.96 →