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Russ NemhauserSoftware Engineer
To-Shin Do has completely changed my life. I always thought I needed to be a body builder to defend myself effectively, but To-Shin Do teaches us that muscle and speed do not determine the winner.
Scott Akitoshi BraggEntertainer
To Shin Do far exceeds what I thought a martial art would or could be. Valuable, life-altering lessons are in each and every class. Of the many disciplines there are to choose from, I feel so fortunate to have found To Shin Do.

An-shu Stephen's Blog

  • 22/01/2014in Featured

    To-Shin Do Shihan: Golden Responsibility

    Students have asked how to get one of those beautiful metallic gold-striped Shihan black belts worn by Mark Sentoshi Russo, James Kentoshi Norris, and Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney. I always reply with the same 3-part answer: First, train for decades to develop incredibly refined martial arts skills. Next, perfect the art of looking at a student’s...