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“Kuji Kiri” and “Kuji In” Box Set

5.00 out of 5

A master’s understanding of warrior presence. We train for physical mastery in a dangerous world, and then we translate that fighter prowess into warrior will – pure intention at work subduing negative forces in the world.


30 Essential Ground Skills

TO-SHIN DO 30 ESSENTIAL GROUND SKILLS is a 10-DVD learning program teaching applications and counters for 30 of the most common and dangerous ground grappling attacks. Learn common ground fighting skills and real-world techniques for defending against them! Stephen K. Hayes and James Kentoshi Norris bring to life these techniques, tactics, and strategies from An-shu Stephen K. Hayes' visionary martial art of To-Shin Do.


Action Meditation

Exercises leading to the clarity and power for which Japan's ninja warriors and yamabushi spirit carriers became legendary

Newly revised 2014


Black Belt Retreat 2015

Hands-on training with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes at his annual Black Belt retreat in Dayton, Ohio on April 18th & 19th 2015.


Bojutsu Fundamentals

Learn nine fighting postures, nine fundamental strike drills, long staff rolling shield, formal salutes and more in this course for all skill levels.


Chi No Maki 4 Disk Set

4-DVD set explores key exercises from Shinden Fudo Ryu Taijutsu Chi no Maki unarmed defense from the ground -against a grab, punch, or blade attack. An-shu Stephen K. Hayes brings to life these historical techniques, tactics, and strategies through his visionary martial art of To-Shin Do®.


Festival 2013 Signature T-Shirt

The official 2013 Ninja Fall Festival T-shirt.


Gyo-Ja Recitation Handbook

Shugendo warrior mind & spirit science training key recitation exercises

Paperback, center stapled, 32 pages


Gyokko Ryu Shoden Kata

To-Shin Do Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu Joryaku No Maki (Shoden) is a complete self-contained self-defense course as developed in late 1400s Japan based on Chinese principles brought to Japan by Cho Gyokko.